Spent the week in Manhattan, New york, which was pretty cool.  Drove up sunday to saturday, stayed in a cube with 3 friends.  While in New york i interned at Hearst Publications, and also had an interview at Hearst for the summer internship.  The interview I felt went good but I was slightly nervous being the first from Hallmark to interview.  Other than that i went to go drop by Russell James Studio but he was unfortunately he was out of NYC.  I called and talked with his agent briefly, and then continued to drop a note and a business card off at the studio.  On my way down i met photographer Marco Dashev, I had no idea who he was.  I asked him for directions to the subway and then started talking.  he asked me for my contact info for assisting so hopefully something good will come of it. I also was able to meet Chase Jarvis in SOHO, he twitters so he was in the area and there was a cool gathering of photographers and fans.  So all in all it was a productive trip. all i have to say is crime went primitive this week, Bow and Arrow attack in the bronx, what happened to knives and guns.

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