More New Images

I was going threw my lightroom catalog the last 3 days and found some files I had forgotten about and re edited them and here they are! there are a few more on my website to so check it out.

Newest Work

These are my my favorite images that i Shot when i was in Milan, Italy. I am setting up another test shoot for the 19th of December, and in January hopefully some of the call me in January people will lead to jobs!

So New Work

I know for some reason my flickr links died so here they are these are my 8 favorite images i took while Testing In Italy i have more work on my website so you should check it out!

Back in Los Angeles

So i moved back to LA on November 3rd from Italy.

A few suggestions for anyone who tries what i did:

Learn the Language (cant stress how important it is)
Dont carry large bills with you or pay for anything small with them people will try and rip you off
Push Push Push they say no do what they said they didnt like and go back.

Other than that since ive been home Its been nice hanging with friends talking about photography, what were doing, how were doing it.

Currently i just got approved by LA models to start testing!
Talking with Braren Artists its a fun cat and mouse game, and the usual Email and Phone calls. I just got a small lighting set up that im super stoked to shoot with

Milan, Italy here i come!

Just purchased my plane ticket and hotel reservations for my move to Milan, Italy! Im leaving on the 13 of September and will not arrive till the 14th.

Order of business:

0) Document everything!
1) Get to Hotel
2) Buy Cell Phone
3) Start looking for Apt!
4) Pick up Magazines and call to set up appointments
5) do some touristy things take lots of pictures

Operation Andy Warhol

Personal Project i started re creating some of my favorite Andy Warhol Paintings, & Lithographs to Still life photographs.  Here are the first 3 I have completed and i will be working on my next one soon!  This is one of those projects that keeps my internal battery going!

 I am in limbo with sending out, promo cards, emails, soon phone calls to Europe! Time warner takes a week to activate your international add on calling plan...lame!  I actually set up a interview on tuesday with a fashion designer.... Wish me luck.  They say august is a slow month for the fashion industry so hopefully september will kick ass!

I am super excited my move to Milan, Italy is coming up soon! Its going to be interesting. 1)Ordering Euros from Bank of America, 
2)booking my apt!
3)booking my flight!
4)Landing in Italy, then running to buy a phone... verizon and others charge to much to stick with them.
5)set up a bank account there so i wont get dinged cause the banking systems suck 
6)And then working my ass off to get a job and just do what i want to do and experience a new style and culture of life.( I need to start using the rosetta stone more)

Glance Magazine

I emailed, and sent some promotional material over and they emailed me and i just emailed the freelance agreement contract.  This is quite exciting! more post with more promotional material, and shoots comming soon!


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